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Ban Tai Beach
Ban Tai, the longest beach, lies along the east coast of Koh Pha Ngan. The oldest villagers here was started by the Muslims who came from Nakorn Sri Thammarat and Pattani province and earn their living fishing. There is a pier for gathering to sell or buy fresh seafood at a reasonable price in the morning. Ban Tai beach is located in the southwest of the island, about 2 kilometers from the Thong Sala pier.

Rin Beach
This wide, sandy beach in the south of Pha Ngan island is one of the most beautiful ones. Had Rin is actually comprised of two popular beaches, Rin Nai beach on the west side of the peninsula and Rin Nok on the east side. From Rin Nai beach you can see Koh Samui very clearly. This is also a great place to catch the sunset. On the beach of Rin Nok is Bang Rak pier where the ferryboats from Koh south Samui arrive and leave daily. Rin Nok beach is well known among Thai as well as the foreigner tourist for its “Full Moon Party”. This spot is ranked as the third most beautiful spot in the world to view the full moon. For this reason on every full moon night a great number of tourists from all over the world flock here to take part in the famous celebration. The two beaches of Had Rin Nai and Had rin Nok have the most resorts, bungalows, stores and restaurants available on the island. Had Rin is located on the southeastern tip of the island, 12 kilometers south from the district Office in Ban Thong Sala or take a ferry directly from Koh Samui to get there.

Chaloklum Bay
Because the water is so deep around the wharf here, it’s a good place for the fisherman to bring their boats to. It’s also a good place to tie up to when the winds get too strong. This deep seaport serves as a stopover for the fisherman who are responsible for transferring fresh water to the neighboring islands. It’s the site most populated by the largest number of fisherman on the island. Besides fresh seafood the villagers sell their most famous product, dried squid. This a very good place to come to and witness the live -style and scenes presented by the local fishermen. There are various bungalow style accommodations to choose from. There are many places that offer snorkeling equipment for rent and snorkeling or fishing for squid during the night is very popular with the tourists who visit here. Of cause just sightseeing around the island is also a very popular pastime. The beach at Chaloklum Bay is located in the northern part of Koh Pha Ngan about 15 kilometers from the port Tong Sala. Local buses are available for transportation daily.

Thansadej Beach
The beach here is not very long but it is very beautiful and a tranquil sport. The water isn’t too deep here and very clear .A great place for swimming. The beach here is very close to the Thansadej Protection Unit where the Thansadej waterfall is located. This waterfall is considered one of the most important sites to visit on Pha Ngan island. Most of the hotels, bungalows, shops, and restaurants are situated along the beach here. The beach is on the east coast of the island about 13 kilometers from the port of Thong Sala. You can catch a local bus from the port. From Koh Samui you can take a rapid speed boat or a long-tail boat to get there and back.

Mae Had Beach
This northwestern beach still maintains its sense of tranquility. During period of low tide the water is shallow enough to walk across to the island named Ma, which is another very beautiful beach here on Koh Pha Ngan. Bungalows, resorts, sops, restaurants and travel agencies also line the beach here. The beach is situated on the northwest side of the island near Salad beach which is about 15 kilometers from the town of Thong Sala. Local transportation is available from the town of Thong Sala.


Thongnaipan Bay
This beach with its fine white sand, peaceful and natural atmosphere still is unspoiled because it is situated so far from any city. There is also another beautiful and peaceful beach just north of here named Tongnaipannoi. It is worthwhile to pay a visit here for those who love to snorkel in shallow waters. There are many pleasant bungalows, resorts, shops, restaurants, and travel agencies here to choose from. These two beaches are located on the west coast of the island approximately 25 kilometers from the Thong Sala port. Traveling by land to get there is not recommended, especially during the rainy season, as some parts of route are very difficult to pass though. The best way to access these beaches is by water transport.

Sri Thanu Beach
This tranquil beach is located on the west side of the island. This is another great spot for those who like peace and quiet and to just relax surrounded by nature. It’s one of the many idyllic beaches of Koh Pha Ngan. The water here is clean, limpid, and not to deep. A great place for swimming; however, be careful during the monsoon season as that can change. When it’s stormy, there can be strong waves accompanied by strong winds. There is great sightseeing around the island here as well as good snorkeling. There are many hotels and bungalows at your service shops and restaurants abound along the beach area. Sri Thanu Beach is 12 kilometers from the port of Thong Sala on the west side of the island. Transportation there is by way of local bus.
Tae Nai Island
This small island is just 400 meters away from Thong Sala Bay. You can hire a boat to take you around the island. There is a beautiful sandy beach there called Chan siaw as well as other places of interest such as the caves of Phra and Talu. Around the area of Taykho cliff, on the back side of the island, is a great place to take in the sunset at the end of the day. Koh Tae Nai is just a short 10 minutes’ boat ride west of the port of Ban Thong Sala.