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Koh Phangan Full moon Party
The Full Moon is far more than a party; it is Had Rin's dance music festival, with everything from drum and bass to full-on psy-trance.

Koh Phangan Full Moon PartyThis wide, sandy beach in the south of Pha Ngan island is one of the most beautiful ones. Had Rin is actually comprised of two popular beaches, Rin Nai beach on the west side of the peninsula and Rin Nok on the east side. From Rin Nai beach you can see Koh Samui very clearly. This is also a great place to catch the sunset. On the beach of Rin Nok is Bang Rak pier where the ferryboats from Koh south Samui arrive and leave daily. Rin Nok beach is well known among Thai as well as the foreigner tourist for its “Full Moon Party”. This spot is ranked as the third most beautiful spot in the world to view the full moon. For this reason on every full moon night a great number of tourists from all over the world flock here to take part in the famous celebration. The two beaches of Had Rin Nai and Had rin Nok have the most resorts, bungalows, stores and restaurants available on the island. Had Rin is located on the southeastern tip of the island, 12 kilometers south from the district Office in Ban Thong Sala or take a ferry directly from Koh Samui to get there.

Haad Rin Full Moon Party

Full Moon Party - if you're after party heaven you can't do better than Haad Rin, an expanded village of beach bars, cheap chicken burgers, and low cut figure-hugging outfits. It is most popular one night a month - the night of the Full Moon Party. Every bar is hopping, the beaches packed with trance, dance, buckets, and various other suspicious substances. However, if the sight of thousands of bottles and other trash repulses you, make sure you leave the beach area before the sun comes up, or grab a garbage bag and help tidy up a little. If you're not on Ko Pha Ngan during the full moon, don't worry: there are other parties to be had, including Half Moon (2 times a month), Black Moon, Jungle Parties, as well as the Shiva Moon party. There is always something to do in Ko Pha Ngan.

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